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Neighborhood Guide: Inverness, Illinois

If you like small village living, you may want to consider Inverness, Illinois, for your next move. The small village has a population of a little over 7,500 people and only one neighborhood. It is the 271st largest community in the state. This is a family-centered village with 34% of homes comprising married families and children.

The Lifestyle in Inverness, IL

Inverness is home to many urban sophisticates, or people who are wealthy, educated, and tend to be more established than their younger professional counterparts. These are people who prefer to live in smaller areas, and who enjoy supporting high-end shops, the arts, and love to travel.

For a variety of reasons, Inverness is a favorable place for families with children, with ample opportunities to develop social ties and find a range of family-oriented community and services. The village also offers a decent public-school region and a larger than average population of college-educated adults.

Workforce, Transportation, and House Prices

The average work commute from this area tends to be relatively long, with people spending an average of 34 minutes getting to work each day. Local public transit is widely used in Inverness, and many residents choose to get around by car. Many people opt for the train, though, if they need to travel out of town to get to their job.

Inverness is a largely white-collar village with approximately 94% of the workforce employed in office and sales positions. Interestingly, the village is one of artists, designers, and media workers.

As for real estate, the village has a high rate of owner-occupied single-family homes, which is a good reflection of the local community’s stability.


Inverness boasts over 60% of adults with a 4-year college degree, law degree, MD, Master’s, and even PhD’s. The per capita income in the village is around $90,000 which is significantly wealthier than the state of Illinois, and even the nation.

The village can be described as somewhat ethnically-diverse, with the people who call the village home describing themselves as belonging to a range of ethnic and racial groups. The largest number of Inverness residents report to White, with Asian being the next largest group. Some of the noteworthy ancestries of people in Inverness include English, Italian, Irish, and Polish.

As far as great schools, a low crime rate, ample job opportunities, and a family-centered community go, Inverness is a great choice if you want to live in Illinois and prefer small, arty village living!



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