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Neighborhood Guide: Barrington, Illinois

Barrington is a small village in Illinois with a population of just under 10,000 people. South Barrington, particularly, boasts home prices amongst the most expensive in the state, and continuously ranks among the costliest in America. The trends in this area have shown a -2% year on year drop in sales prices with a 0% rise in rent per month. The area also has a high rate of owner-occupied single-family homes, reflecting the stability of this community. Over 40% of the households in Barrington comprise married families and children.

Workforce, Transportation, and Community

Barrington, IL, is a relatively white-collar village with most people employed as office and sales workers, professionals and managers. There are around 20% of residents who work in management. Most people in Barrington tend to commute by car, with just 12% working from home.

If you are looking for a family-oriented area with a crime rate that is overall lower than the country’s average, you may want to consider South Barrington. There are many families with children in the area, making it a great area to develop social ties and find family-based community and services. The village offers a great public-school region and boasts a large community of college-educated adults. Some of the best school in Barrington include:

  • Hough Street Elementary School
  • Roslyn Road Elementary School
  • Grove Avenue Elementary School
  • Walter R Sundling Jr High School
  • Barrington Middle School – Prairie Campus
  • Barrington Middle School Station
  • Barrington High School

Overall, this is a significantly ethnically-diverse village, with most people who call the village home describing themselves as belonging to a range of ethnic and racial groups. Some of the most important ancestries in this area include Italian, English, Polish, and Irish. Just over 20% of the population was born in another country and the most common language that is spoken is English with other languages being Polish and Gujarathi.


Finding out about the neighbors is a deciding factor when moving to a new area. Here is an overview of demographics in Barrington:

  • 26% of residents are single
  • 89% own their own property
  • The median age is 43
  • The median household income is $115,562
  • 63% of Barrington residents are college educated

South Barrington is one of the more educated communities in the country with the majority of residents having either a college degree or an advanced degree compared to the national average.

If you are looking to move to a diverse, community-oriented area in Illinois that has great job opportunities and plenty of family activities, then you may like to consider Barrington, Illinois.

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